Our Curriculum

Our teaching and learning programs at Moriac Primary School are based on the Victorian Curriculum. The Victorian Curriculum provides a comprehensive set of prescribed content and common achievement standards; which schools use to plan student-learning programs, assess student progress and report to parents.

Our curriculum provides a framework that supports students to become active inquirers and lifelong learners. It is structured so that English and Mathematics receive the greatest time allocation within a school week. However, our teaching programs incorporate all the key learning areas outlined by the Department of Education and Training (DET Guidelines) and the Victorian Curriculum support materials.

The Victorian Curriculum F–10 sets out what students should learn during their first eleven years of schooling. The curriculum is the common set of knowledge and skills required by students for life-long learning, social development and active and informed citizenship.

The design of the Victorian Curriculum F–10 is set out below. It is structured in to two sections; Learning Areas and Capabilities:


We have worked hard to develop clear, consistent and rigorous curriculum documentation, ensuring that we are teaching our students a curriculum that has sufficient:

-           Scope – depth and breadth of the learning content to be taught (and developed) at each specific year level, and across year levels.

-          Sequence - the order in which the content should be taught for the best learning (building on past knowledge and developmental stages of learning) within a year level, and across year levels.

To view our Scope and Sequences, please click the below links:


In addition to our robust classroom teaching and learning models, a significant feature of our curriculum at Moriac PS are our Specialist Programs, which operate for all classes, on a weekly basis. Students participate in the following Specialist subjects: Digital Technologies, Languages, Physical Education and The Arts (including Music, Visual Arts, Dance, and Drama). All of our students also participate in fortnightly Library lessons with their classroom teacher and our volunteer Librarians; who support them with book borrowing / returning and specialised reading sessions.


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