Moriac Primary School has an enrolment of approximately 200 children within four collaborative learning communities. We have a strong sense of community and the school is firmly entrenched within the Moriac township.

Moriac Primary School was established in 1922, built by the Moriac Progress Association on land donated by the Deppeler Family.  This origin epitomizes the sense of community partnership that underpins the success of Moriac Primary School.  Our educational experience extends “beyond the school fence line” – reaching into the wider community to extend learning opportunities for all children and will allow community members and organisations to access the school resources to deliver programs for life long learning. 

Approximately half of our children come from the township with the remainder travelling from the surrounding areas. Our literacy and numeracy data indicates that our students achieve above state means. We are rightly proud of that but we stand for much more. We have a strong sports and physical education program in our school and we provide pathways for students to represent their school, district, zone and state in many sports. We also provide an exceptional performing arts program where students have the opportunity to sing, dance, create scripts, costumes and props and act in a wonderful performing arts program called iMPACt (Moriac Performing Arts Course).


At Moriac we are UNITED in our endeavours to be EXCEPTIONAL, RESPONSIBLE and RESPECTFUL. We are a UNITED learning community and we are committed to attaining EXCEPTIONAL levels of achievement. We are RESPONSIBLE for our own learning, actions and behaviour and we are RESPECTFUL of ourselves and towards other people.

At Moriac PS we are committed to the educational, social and emotional development of young people and all members of the school community.

Our focus is about the growth of the whole child and all aspects of their learning journey.

We value a collaborative learning approach that places the child at the centre of learning and teaching.

We respect the experiences that the child and their family bring to the classroom; involving the community in the school, and the positive impact this has on learning, is a major focus for us going forward.


We aim to implement a curriculum that ensures our students are highly 21st century literate and numerate, critical thinkers and problem solvers, who are creative and have a love of learning.

We strive to ensure that our students develop a positive sense of self-worth, confidence and wellbeing through a focus on the values of resilience, respect, empathy, integrity and responsibility, and that they develop the lifelong skills to make friends and be happy.

We encourage our students to be active citizens who are globally aware, who understand, value and care for the environment and society we live in, and embrace the cultural diversity that makes up modern Australia.

We engage our students in a rich and well-rounded educational experience that promotes creativity and an active healthy lifestyle.


Want to know more? Contact us to make an appointment to have a chat and look around. We love the chance to brag a bit about our school.

Learning experiences

In additional to our regular classroom programs we also offer:

  • 1:1 iPads in the Prep classroom
  • 1:1 laptops in the Year 1/2 classrooms
  • 1:1 android tablets in the Year 3 – 6 classrooms
  • Before and After school care
  • Prep PMP (Perceptual Motor Program)
  • Buddies (Preps with Year 6 students)
  • Year 1/2 – two week intensive swimming program to build their swimming skills as well as developing their independence
  • Fundamental motor skills program (Year 1/2)
  • Year 4 bike education program
  • Year 2 school sleep over
  • Year 3/4 camp
  • Year 5/6 camp
  • Surfcoast Sports Association (SSA) Inter-school sporting activities
  • Active student leadership
  • Preparation for Puberty
  • Year 5/6 Dramatic Production
  • SSA sporting activities
  • Prep to Year 6 Moriac Performing Arts Course (iMPACt)
  • Prep to Year 6 Physical Education
  • Prep to Year 6 Visual Arts
  • Whole School Concert
  • Whole School Transition Program
  • Private music lessons available
  • Specialist support (welfare, speech therapist, School Nurse visit, counselling)