Keeping your kids safe

It is timely for families to remind your children about keeping Safe within the community .

The following safety tips are listed as a suggestion:

 Talk to your child about ‘stranger danger’, whilst also talking about strangers not always being a negative thing; such as uniformed emergency service personnel, employees at the local stores, etc

 Know where you children are at all times (Always accompany children to public toilets)

 Don’t get into a car with a stranger

 Get to know the local community and be aware of your surroundings and look out for people who look out of place

 Get to know your neighbours to create an engaged community where everybody looks out for one another.

Try using the following language when talking to your child about staying safe within the community:

  • Don’t say: Never talk to strangers.

  • Say: You should not approach just anyone. If you need help, look for a uniformed police officer, a store worker with a nametag, or a parent with children.

  • Don’t say: Stay away from people you don’t know.

  • Say: It’s important for you to get my permission before going anywhere with anyone.

  • Don't say: You can tell someone is bad just by looking at them.

  • Say: Pay attention to what people do. Tell me right away if anyone asks you to keep a secret, makes you feel uncomfortable, or tries to get you to go with them.


Safe travel to school: Bikes and Pedestrians

As is the case every year, Students in Year 4 will partipate in a Bike Education program (in Week 7 - 22nd and 23rd of November).

In addition to this, we have received some feedback from parents regarding our students riding safely to school. We will be reminding students of expectations around this.

We encourage the following: 

- Students who have received Bike Ed instruction have demonstrated the skills required to ride on roads and paths independently. 

- Students who have yet to receive Bike Ed instruction ride either under the supervision of adults / older siblings, or within groups of other competent riders (organised and communicated amongst parents). 

- If using the footpaths and tracks, give walking pedestrians right of way. We advise that students communicate they are passing a pedestrian by voice or bell, and give plenty of space when passing. In addition to this, we explictally teach this skill during Bike Ed.

- Walking their bikes through school grounds and when crossing the school crossing. 

We appreciate your support with this. 




The Central Geelong Kids Fun Guide is out now and lists free and paid school holiday activities for children of all ages. This is the link to where the Kids Fun Guide can be downloaded from our website


The Kids Fun Guide is full of great activities that would be of interest to families, and we would appreciate it if you could include information about the program in your school newsletter. Attached also is a jpg image that you might like to use.

Advert Artwork for Kids Fun Guide-Spring 2018-CGM (D18-361382).JPG

COMMUNITY NOTICE - Australia Day Awards


On Australia Day we come together as a nation to celebrate the things that make our country great: the people, the land, our diversity, sense of a fair go, lifestyle and freedoms. We reflect on our national journey. We commit to making our country even better in the future.


The Australia Day Citizen, Young Citizen and Community Event of the Year Awards are presented annually to local citizens and groups who make an extraordinary contribution to our local community. The awards are administered by Surf Coast Shire Council on behalf of the National Australia Day Council and are issued at one of the celebratory events held across the shire on 26 January 2018.


Anyone can nominate an individual or group who demonstrates:

•       excellence in their field or interest

•       significant contribution to Surf Coast Shire at the local community level, and

•       an inspirational role model for Surf Coast Shire citizens.


To nominate

Read the following terms and conditions, then select the Apply now button to complete the nomination form.


Check out the award categories


•     All nominations must be received by Monday 12 November 2018.

•     Provide as much detail as you can to help the selection panel to understand the merits of your nomination.

•     A panel will assess nominations against selection criteria and recommend award recipients to Surf Coast Shire Councillors.

•     Self-nominations will not be accepted.

•     Sitting state and federal politicians and current Councillors are not eligible for nomination.

•     Awards will not be granted posthumously.

•     The decision of the assessment panel is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

•     In the event that no nominations are received in any of the categories, the selection panel reserves the right to grant the award to a group, event or citizen of its choice.

Award categories

Citizen of the Year

Nominations for Citizen of the Year must be Australian citizens, over 27 years of age, who live or work in Surf Coast Shire and have made a noteworthy contribution during the current year and/or given outstanding service to the local community over a number of years including:

•     demonstrates commitment to improving the community

•     completes their contributions on a voluntary basis or exceeding the normal requirements of the person’s paid work

•     accepts civic responsibility

•     provides a positive role model for others

•     actively addresses local issues

•     is law abiding.


Young Citizen of the Year

Nominations for Young Citizen of the Year must be Australian citizens, under 27 years of age, who live or work in Surf Coast Shire and have made a noteworthy contribution during the current year and/or given outstanding service to the local community over a number of years including:

•     is active in youth or other activities in the local community

•     leads a balanced life

•     shows loyalty to family/community

•     is caring, compassionate and sharing

•     acts as a positive role model to peers

•     shows outstanding achievement in academic, sporting, cultural, environment, civic responsibility and the like

•     is law abiding.


Community Event of the Year

Community Event of the Year is bestowed upon an individual, organisation or community group that has staged a noteworthy event during 2017. Events should have:

•     provided a benefit for local people, the local environment, local tourism or local culture

•     demonstrated excellence in organising a safe and sustainable event

•     involved local people through organising or attending

•     reflected the spirit of what makes Surf Coast Shire great.



australia day.png