Bike Ed

Safe travel to school: Bikes and Pedestrians

As is the case every year, Students in Year 4 will partipate in a Bike Education program (in Week 7 - 22nd and 23rd of November).

In addition to this, we have received some feedback from parents regarding our students riding safely to school. We will be reminding students of expectations around this.

We encourage the following: 

- Students who have received Bike Ed instruction have demonstrated the skills required to ride on roads and paths independently. 

- Students who have yet to receive Bike Ed instruction ride either under the supervision of adults / older siblings, or within groups of other competent riders (organised and communicated amongst parents). 

- If using the footpaths and tracks, give walking pedestrians right of way. We advise that students communicate they are passing a pedestrian by voice or bell, and give plenty of space when passing. In addition to this, we explictally teach this skill during Bike Ed.

- Walking their bikes through school grounds and when crossing the school crossing. 

We appreciate your support with this.