Our School Captains attended and facilitated Anzac Day ceremonies today.

Alex and Isaac represented Moriac PS by attending a service and laying a wreath at the annual Johnstone Park event in Geelong. This service involves all school captains within our region, from both primary and secondary levels.

Then, this afternoon back at school, Zali and Grace conducted a service for all staff and students to pay their respects.

On behalf of our school community, we wish  to honour, respect, remember and recognise the service and sacrifice of all members of our Defence Forces, both past and present.

We look forward to seeing you back at school on Friday.


The Resilience Project - Tomorrow Night!

We are very excited about the upcoming Surf Coast cluster presentations of The Resilience Project to be held once again at the Winchelsea Football and Netball Club.,

Program Outline

*Schools involved in all sessions - Deans Marsh PS, Anglesea PS, Winchelsea PS & Moriac PS

 Tuesday April 23rd

  • Staff PD 4pm - 5:30pm

  • Parent Evening - 7pm - 8:30pm

Wednesday April 24th

  • Student Session #1 (Foundation - Year 2) - 10am - 11am 

  • Student Session #2 (Year 3 - Year 6) - 12pm - 1pm

TRP - A4 Schools Program Parents Night Poster (Editable)-1.jpg

Free Samsung Tablets

Free Samsung’s - First in best dressed (we have about 15-20 devices).

Families; Please see Lynn at the Front Office if you’d like to get yourself a previously used Samsung tablet. 

These are still in working order and have been factory restored. Good for ‘at-home’ use (especially with the younger ones). 

* These cannot be used for Years 3-6 BYOD program  

* The school will take no responsibility setting these up for families

Many thanks :)




Keeping your kids safe

It is timely for families to remind your children about keeping Safe within the community .

The following safety tips are listed as a suggestion:

 Talk to your child about ‘stranger danger’, whilst also talking about strangers not always being a negative thing; such as uniformed emergency service personnel, employees at the local stores, etc

 Know where you children are at all times (Always accompany children to public toilets)

 Don’t get into a car with a stranger

 Get to know the local community and be aware of your surroundings and look out for people who look out of place

 Get to know your neighbours to create an engaged community where everybody looks out for one another.

Try using the following language when talking to your child about staying safe within the community:

  • Don’t say: Never talk to strangers.

  • Say: You should not approach just anyone. If you need help, look for a uniformed police officer, a store worker with a nametag, or a parent with children.

  • Don’t say: Stay away from people you don’t know.

  • Say: It’s important for you to get my permission before going anywhere with anyone.

  • Don't say: You can tell someone is bad just by looking at them.

  • Say: Pay attention to what people do. Tell me right away if anyone asks you to keep a secret, makes you feel uncomfortable, or tries to get you to go with them.


Early arrivals to school

Early arrivals to school

Since recent information presented to the school community, we acknowledge and thank parents and guardians for working hard to ensure your child arrives at school on time, and that absences are communicated promptly to the school and/or classroom teachers.

In addition to this, we have had some feedback recently from staff and parents regarding students arriving at school too early. We have concerns for student safety if they are spending time in the school yard unsupervised.

Our current policy states that ‘teachers are required to supervise students adequately. Two teachers are on Yard Duty at any given time at morning or afternoon recess. One teacher is on duty before school from 8.45am. One teacher is on bus duty after school until approximately 3.45pm.’

Due to Duty of Care requirements, particularly given the current Building Works school environment where hazards are aplenty, we ask that all students arrive from 8.45am onwards; which is when we begin our yard supervision.

*An exception to this may be when instructed by the school for an organised activity (e.g. camp, sports).

Beginning NEXT MONDAY 26th MARCH, students who arrive at school before 8.45am will be sent by our staff directly to our Out of School Hours Care, where supervision is guaranteed. You will be notified via Seesaw, or other alternative communication methods if this occurs.


The notification will read as follows;

‘This is a courtesy message to inform you that your child was placed in Out of School Hours Care today. According to our Duty Of Care School Policy, teachers are required to ‘supervise students adequately. One teacher is on duty before school from 8.45am. One teacher is on bus duty after school until approximately 3.45pm.’

As per the message sent out in Term 1, ‘students who arrive at school before 8.45am will be sent by our staff directly to our Out of School Hours Care, where supervision is guaranteed.’

If you are experiencing difficulties with this and would like to discuss this with the school, please let us know. Alternatively, if you wish to book your child into Out of School Hours Care on a permanent basis, please contact the Office. The out-of-pocket cost for OHSC in the morning is $5 (after Government rebate).