DROP OFF / PICK UP ZONE - PLEASE READ if you use this area

Hi everyone, just a reminder (after feedback from parents who use the area) of the following aspects of our drop off / pick up zone. Ben or myself are generally the ones always on duty after school and we try to move things along but would appreciate your support. 

We would really appreciate it if you, and anyone who picks up the students for you, could be aware of the following - 

* please move FORWARD to the END of the area (if you are first in line) the child/ren can walk to your car, or walk into school, it is not far to the gate area. 

* please KEEP MOVING around the area, moving forward. After school we end up with a queue that goes onto the road. We need to move these cars forward as quickly as possible. (Do not double park in the area). 

* Please let your child know if you are picking them up and tell them to move QUICKLY to the pick up zone. 

* When dropping off your child/ren please be aware it is a DROP OFF / KISS & GO area. If you would like to get out of the car and walk them in, or talk to other parents, please park your car along the road parking and use the crossing. 

Thank you for your support.