Holidays and News

We hope everyone has had and is having a wonderful holiday.

We look forward to seeing everyone back in two weeks time, especially all of our new preps!  

There are a few things happening around the school at the moment with some trees being removed for new fencing, gardening will be done close to school starting back to ensure it is freshly done and teachers are currently coming back to set up classrooms. 

In other news we are extremely pleased to announce that Mrs Mikhala Fisher is pregnant!

We are so excited for Mikhala and Jesse (her husband), who are due to meet their bundle of joy in the middle of the year.

Some of you may have questions regarding the replacement of Mikhala in the SLC.

As we are unsure of the exact date Mikhala will be finishing we have already arranged for Mr Ryan Fischer (who some may know as our 2018 OSHC Coordinator) to replace Mikhala from the day she finishes up. During this time her Family Leave Position will be advertised. Ryan will also be replacing Mr Ben Raidme while he is on Paternity Leave during Term 1 (with Nat, Ben’s wife due mid Feb), spending time getting to know the students in the SLC as well as working as a Casual Relief Teacher throughout Term 1 and 2 at Moriac PS. Ryan knows the school and students extremely well and we welcome him to the staff.

 * Mikhala’s baby announcement on social media*