COMMUNITY ANNOUNCEMENT - Canola Flowering Festival - great cause!

Barry Schulze -farmer extraordinaire has a vision to help the farmers

up north who are suffering under drought conditions. He has decided

to run a fund raiser to try and get some money together and has

asked locals Bob & Carmen Chapman to help bring his vision to


Barry has made available a Canola crop at his Freshwater Creek

property which he has mown into a heart shape with a message cut

into the heart calling for help for the farmers. The flowering should

peak around mid October with an amazing display of colour

Access to the property will be on the Saturday & Sunday 6th & 7th

October as well as the 13th October for photo shoots with a major

fund -raising day on the Sunday 14th October. The Sunday event will

involve -

Live entertainment, food vendors, children’s activities, farm display

& hopefully some celebrities’

Please come and join the drive to raise some money make the

suffering a little bit more bearable. All donations both large and

small will go to help this great cause.

More information will be circulated shortly or contact Bob Chapman

on 0415 579600 & Carmen Chapman on 0413 185093