Welcome Mrs Sarah Holmes - teacher in the spot light!

 I am absolutely delighted to have the opportunity to teach in the MLC until the end of the year with the incredible Penny Harry. We have been busy planning for the next 2 terms and are genuinely excited about the learning opportunities that we have planned.

I have attached a few photos of my family - my husband, 2 children and my parents. Many of you gave so generously to our MND fundraiser- my father has MND and my mother has Alzheimer’s Disease diagnosed at 54. I am passionate about disability awareness and acceptance of difference.

Most of my spare time is spent with my little family at the beach, on bush tracks or on mountain bikes. At the moment Saturday’s involve 3 football games for each of my 2 boys and my husband.

My favourite colour is Turquoise, favourite season in Spring, favourite musician is SIA, favourite food is apples (true).

I encourage you to make a time this next week to meet and introduce yourself. 

Looking forward to a wonderful 6 months.

Mrs. Sarah Holmes

Sarah Holmes 1.jpg
Sarah Holmes 2.jpg