Some work from our MLC

This term in 3/4 we have been studying the novel James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl.  We have focused on the interesting vocabulary and literary devices used by Roald Dahl to capture the imagination of his readers.  Students have been learning about similes, idioms, multiple adjectives as well as synonyms and homonyms.  This story by Xavier  has captured our learning beautifully. 

James Trotter

On the Peach in

The Atlantic Ocean

Dear Bobby,

In the past time since I’ve written to you I have had many adventures. I want to tell you about the peach.  The tree as black as the night sky grew a little peach, but this was no ordinary peach, this special peach kept on getting bigger until it was the size of a mammoth.

The very next day I noticed a hole in the side of the peach and met a spider, grasshopper and a glow-worm.  All as big as dogs! After that, the peach started rolling and pandemonium broke out, it was like a tornado had touched down.  There were two bumps as it rolled over my horrid aunts that were both jostling on the ground.  At the end of our roll we jumped into the air like a bunny hop. Falling down the towering, white cliffs into the deep, hungry sea.  Instead of sinking, we floated like a sailing ship on the Atlantic Ocean.  Little waves were bibbling against the peach and viewers were aghast.  I met a silkworm which spun so much silk that the rest of us lured in seagulls.  Approximately 502 of them.  When we finished, the peach raised into the air like a majestic, flying eagle into the sky.  Later on in the night, we saw wraithlike cloud-men who threw colossal hailstones at the peach.  A couple of minutes later we ran through a rainbow being lowered by cloud-men and the centipede got covered in thick, purple paint. 

We were hovering over NEW YORK CITY as a plane cut through all the strings and we plummeted down to the streets of New York.  Clinging to the stem there was a squelch and we had landed on the Empire State Building.

From James