Today brings the first day of three NAPLAN days for year 3 and year 5 students. NAPLAN is a test, it’s a test of reading, writing, numeracy, language conventions and spelling abilities. Students have been doing practise tests over the past few weeks so they understand how to interpret and complete the tests.  

What NAPLAN doesn’t measure is personality, creativity, the fact someone may have had a bad nights sleep the night before. As teachers at the school we see our students day in and day out. We know them and their own personal strengths and idiosyncrasies, the whole student.  

NAPLAN can be a good measure of growth in areas overs years of schooling however at Moriac Primary School we are committed to the educational, social and emotional development of young people and all members of the school community.

Our focus is about the growth of the whole child and all aspects of their learning journey. Our students are highly 21st century literate and numerate, critical thinkers and problem solvers, who are creative and have a love of learning.

We strive to ensure that our students develop a positive sense of self-worth, confidence and wellbeing through a focus on the values of resilience, respect, empathy, integrity and responsibility, and that they develop the lifelong skills to make friends and be happy.

We encourage our students to be active citizens who are globally aware, who understand, value and care for the environment and society we live in, and embrace the cultural diversity that makes up modern Australia.

We engage our students in a rich and well-rounded educational experience that promotes creativity and an active healthy lifestyle.

Those aspects are not all tested in NAPLAN.  

We support the students during NAPLAN and remind them that this test is not the only thing that defines them as learners.  

Best of luck for NAPLAN year 3 and 5 students but no matter how you go we think you are all pretty wonderful!  

The teachers at Moriac Primary School 😀