Calling for Community assistance... Cows Create Careers

We are excited to announce that next term, our school will be participating in the Cows Create Careers program; run by Careers Advice Australia.

The program is designed to introduce school students to the dairy industry and make students aware of career pathways within the industry. The program involves two calves being delivered to our school during Week 3.

Students, predominately in our Senior Learning Community (however, all classes will participate), will be given responsibility for caring for two calves over a two-three week period. The students' responsibilities include cleaning the calves pens, checking their health and feeding them. In the classroom the students complete reports, undertake research and a variety of assignments in relation to the calves, with final reports being submitted at the end of the program and prizes on offer for excellent submissions. The main skills that students take away from the program are basic animal husbandry. 

Throughout the program, students also receive mentoring from local dairy farmers Libby and Rod Swayn, as well as assistance from WestVic Dairy employee Michelle Muir.

To help us set up for this program, we are asking any community members whether they could help staff and students construct our Cow Pen.

After a visit from Cows Create careers today, they advised us that the best (and most ethical) spot for the newborns is at the front of the school, where we are hoping to convert our Rotunda into a makeshift, calve-friendly, Pen.

To make this happen we need to:

  1. Install 2 x TEMPORARY PEN FENCING - preferably with gates to allow for student and staff access
  2. Provide plenty of HAY - for flooring and bedding (particularly as the weather starts to cool)
  3. Install 2 x TARPS - to be placed over fence to allow for weather protection
  4. FEED 'BINS' - to store the grain and milk powder.
  5. Local student and parent volunteers - to care for and feed the calves over the weekends that we are involved in the program.

Please refer to my rough drawing below of how we envisage it to be set out.

Any assistance in this program would be hugely appreciated. We are very excited by the opportunity this program provides to our students. We believe they will be extremely engaged in the program, with some really positive learning experiences to come out of it.

Please comment below or contact the school if there is any way in which you would like to kindly assist.

Many thanks,

Ben Raidme