Dogs on school grounds

We’ve had a few queries from parents of late regarding having dogs at school. The following is from our ‘Dogs On School Grounds Policy’ (please see page 51 on link below).

We thank you all for your continued support.


‘We acknowledge the important role that pets play in the community and the positive impact dogs can have on family life. For many of us, dogs are a part of the family. A dog can be a joy but they are also a big responsibility. In recent years, more dogs are being brought onto school grounds. This has the potential to increase the risk of injury to children caused by dogs (e.g. bites and scratches) through dogs reacting adversely to unexpected noise and/or movement of children. There have also been more cases of dog excrement within the school grounds. This poses a health issue to the school.



  • Provide for the health and safety of students, toddlers staff and parents within the environment of the school yard.
  • Ensure access to the school yard and buildings for people with disabilities requiring the use of dogs.
  • Ensure that all students feel comfortable and safe in the school grounds.
  • Enhance school cleanliness.



  • Dogs are not permitted within the school grounds unless given approval by the Principal.
  • It is not permitted to tether a dog at the school boundary fence.
  • Dogs assisting people with a disability are excluded from the above.
  • All staff members may respectfully ask the dog owner to remove the dog from the school grounds.
  • Permission of the Principal is required if parents/carers wish to bring in puppies for a child’s ‘show and share’.