Building Update

We are very excited that our whole school build is moving along! We have been given the go ahead to complete the third stage of the build – the administration area and staff room. This will mean the current portable that houses our offices and staffroom will be removed from the site at the completion of the build. This is extremely exciting as this part of the build was in doubt. Now we are more sure of where we are we thought it was time to give an update.

The Victorian Government granted us a set amount of money. This budget was assigned to cover every part of the build. Unfortunately, through the process there have been some things that have not gone our way. These include, higher than expected tender budget estimates and vastly more volcanic rock removal than anticipated. This has meant that we have removed ‘special’ aspects of the buildings, paths have been condensed, new furniture has been put to the side and at this point in time landscaping the area is in doubt. This also means we may not be able to put anything but crushed rock on the area in which the old 1/2 building sat.

We have been working very hard behind the scenes and we must stress we are extremely happy with the work Lyons builds have done and the wonderful designs of James Deans Architects. As a school, and School Council, we wanted to prepare the community for the fact that the original plan presented is in doubt. This is extremely disappointing to us, as a school, and for the community. While we are excited to watch the second and third stages of our build continue, please hold no doubt that we will continue to try our hardest and strive to achieve a positive result for our school and community.