Parent / Teacher Interviews


Parent / Teacher bookings open 9am TUESDAY 20th Feb.

PARENT / TEACHER INTERVIEWS will be on THURSDAY 15th MARCH and TUESDAY 20th MARCH from 2pm – 7pm. School will finish at 2.30pm on these days to accommodate for the Parent / Teacher Interviews. After School Care and buses will run from 2.30pm on these days.

In order to book parent / teacher interviews March 2018 you will need to go to OR contact our school office where an interview can be booked for you.

The CODE you need to enter to book via sent around via a Seesaw message  or a hard copy note. If you require the code please contact the office. 

Please note: We are aware that not everyone will be able to attend on these nights OR time slots may fill quickly. Our teachers are available in mornings (except Thursday mornings and Tuesday afternoons due to staff meetings). Please feel free to contact your classroom teachers and organise a different interview time.

Any queries / questions, please ask.