Video - Colour Run

Awesome day!

We would love to thank all those who participated in our first ever MPS Colour Run.

We would like to give special thanks and acknowledgements to the following people:

  • The Stiles family - particularly to Paula. You guys did an amazing job setting up the course

  • The Maher family - for cooking the BBQ and assisting with the setup (and for the lovely coffee hehe)

  • The House Captains - for helping Paula plan the course and assist in the running of the day.

  • The Amazing Parent Helpers and Teachers - for helping with the running of the event, ensuring everyone looked extremely colourful.

Thanks everyone for sponsoring the event. If you haven’t done so yet, we kindly ask that this be done tomorrow.

What a terrific way to end our year. THANK YOU

Moriac PS 2018 Colour Run