Keeping your kids safe

It is timely for families to remind your children about keeping Safe within the community .

The following safety tips are listed as a suggestion:

 Talk to your child about ‘stranger danger’, whilst also talking about strangers not always being a negative thing; such as uniformed emergency service personnel, employees at the local stores, etc

 Know where you children are at all times (Always accompany children to public toilets)

 Don’t get into a car with a stranger

 Get to know the local community and be aware of your surroundings and look out for people who look out of place

 Get to know your neighbours to create an engaged community where everybody looks out for one another.

Try using the following language when talking to your child about staying safe within the community:

  • Don’t say: Never talk to strangers.

  • Say: You should not approach just anyone. If you need help, look for a uniformed police officer, a store worker with a nametag, or a parent with children.

  • Don’t say: Stay away from people you don’t know.

  • Say: It’s important for you to get my permission before going anywhere with anyone.

  • Don't say: You can tell someone is bad just by looking at them.

  • Say: Pay attention to what people do. Tell me right away if anyone asks you to keep a secret, makes you feel uncomfortable, or tries to get you to go with them.