Welcome to TERM 4

We hope that everyone has had a wonderful holiday!

We begin term 4 tomorrow and look forward to seeing everyone!

REMINDER - Hats need to be worn this term. All students are welcome to keep their hats a school to ensure they do not forget them!

THINGS ON THIS TERM - it is going to be an extremely busy term ahead. There was a calendar sent home to every student on the last day of term. If you did not receive one please contact your classroom teacher or the office. Please note that the website calendar has all the dates we are aware of and we update this constantly.

Some things on this term include……

  • JLC Swimming

  • Prep - 2 Athletics at Landy Field

  • trips to the kinder

  • Prep 2019 transition sessions

  • whole school transition sessions

  • Curriculum Day

  • Melbourne Cup public holiday (we still come to school on Geelong Cup)

  • SLC Nippers

  • MLC & SLC Neighbourhood Watch Concert

  • Year 4 Bike Education

  • School Concert at The Arena

  • just to name a few……….

Looking forward to a wonderful term 4 ahead!