Buildings and Facilities Update

We would like to share some news and information regarding the following.


Tonight, School Council approved the installation of several air conditioners throughout the school. Some will be installed this year (a larger unit in each Learning Community), with the aim for the rest to be installed in 2019. Air conditioners are not financed by the Department of Education, and therefore must be financed by school funds. We are excited about being able to provide some air conditioning for each Learning Community for the remainder of this year.


There have been factors (out of our control) that have seen delays to our landscaping plans. In short, The Department of Education changed the company that manages all Capital Works programs, which has resulted in delays to our project beginning. We recently met with our architect to once again go over our plans, re-prioritise works and move towards getting the relevant documentation out to tender.

Unfortunately, due to these delays, (again, we must must stress, that these delays have been completely out of the control of the school and also our architect), the external works look likely to not begin until early 2019. This is extremely disappointing for our staff, students and families within our school community. However, we are looking towards the future, and are excited that we are edging closer towards total school-build completion. We will be planning a major community celebration at this time!

More information will go out to the school community when we know more. We thank you for your understanding and continued support of the school.