2018 Parent Information Pack

We've had a brilliant first day back. Today all students will bring home a 'Parent Information Pack' (please see link for digital version). This pack includes various important notes and documentation that we encourage you to read through very carefully.

Please note: We realise that on the hard-copy version of the eLearnin: Use of equipment at school - STUDENT POLICY we made an error and doubled up a paragraph. However, we have gone for the environmentally-friendly approach and chosen not to re-print the 190 copies of this. Also, as we encourage our students to learn from errors, we have certainly learnt to triple-check and proof-read our work. We appreciate your support with this haha :)

Also, Grade 6 Hoodies were distributed to those students that records show they have paid. Those students who did not receive theirs today will communicate this with you. Hoodies will be given once payment is made ($40 no name, $45 if it has a name on it). Again, thanks for your understanding with this.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions or queries.