Camp Woorabinda

Last week five of our students were given the opportunity to go on a five day camp with students from other schools around Geelong. They had a fantastic time – here is a snapshot of their experiences!

On day one of Woorabinda we got in groups and hiked into the bush and learnt the rules of camp. The next day we went Zip lining. We got four goes because we were good, it was awesome.  On day three we went canoeing. We almost fell in, we also picked up rubbish. On day four we did the best of all – the high ropes. I got scared but made it easy! The last day we did a thing called quest. We did challenges and puzzles which were hare because it was cold. Over all I had great fun! – Brendon H

Camp was awesome! The bus ride there was super long. I sat next to Zali. When we got to camp we went for a short hike up to a cook out place where we made fries and cooked lunch. On the way I met a girl named Meg. She was very nice. She talked a lot and even talked more than me – which I think is IMPOSSIBLE!  On the second day we went canoeing, the way up was easy but the way back was a different story! We almost got sucked into an underground lake but in the end we made it back in one piece. The BUSH WALK – the bush walk was definitely the high light it had obstacles, mud and a giant termite mound. The termite mound was almost taller than me, it was so cool! Day four was definitely the best of all. We went Zip lining, we went on the high ropes and we had cupcakes for dessert! The whole camp was awesome! – Myah C

It was very exciting because it was my first camp! I liked the Zip line because it was longer than a bus and it was very fast! My second favourite was the high ropes because there was a obstical that had spring and you could bounce up and down. I had lots of fun at Woorabinda – it was the best camp ever! – Zali S

On Monday we went to the bowling club in Belmont at 8.45am and we got on the bus at 9am. We had a four hour drive to Woorabinda Camp. On the way we watched School of Rock and when we got there we had lunch. On Tuesday we did the Zipline and the high ropes course, it was so much fun! For tea we had pasta. On Wednesday we did archery, we had four turns and I got 23 points. We also had art and I made two monsters. On Thursday we did canoeing, I was so close to being swept out to sea! On Thursday we also did nature and I saw a wombat! On Friday we did Quest. The quest was to get to lunch and make a cup of tea, the team that won was the red group, I unfortunately was in green group. It was so much fun. -  Thomas M

Well Woorabinda was AWESOME! It was spectacular! We did cooking on the camp fire. I had three sausages, potatoe, carrot and pumpkin – delicious! We did canoeing, that was great except for getting really wet, but it was fun. Archery, I got four bullseyes, we did animal handling that was fun. Zip line – MEGA fun, we got to vs a lot of people and we won. High ropes – high but fun! The night walking was AMAZING. I’ll never forget this amazing time at Woorabinda! – Eamon R