Scienceworks - reflections from some 1/2s

I liked the microscope. I liked the big bike. I loved the coin game. I got a save and a miss and a save. I liked Scienceworks. I loved the motorbike.

By Alby.

I hopped off the bus and sat down at a big tree with all of the other kids. Our whole class were the first kids that were there. The first room was the Think Ahead room. In the Think Ahead room it had a rocket that made a loud noise, I nearly screamed! There was also a mini farm it was sooooo cool I felt like I was in the farm.

By Matilda

In the Sportsworks I saw a feelings box. In the feelings box you sit in a chair and it tells you how you’re feeling. I was feeling happy. I had so much fun at Scienceworks it was the most fun day I have ever had!

By Millie E

The clock was ticking and by the time I got to school it was 8:14. I got on the bus and by the time we were there I was STARVING. There was a big sign saying SCIENCEWORKS. I ran in and it was HUGE! It was like a maze. I went into Sportsworks and heard a creak. I got on a bike and saw I was controlling a SKELETON. I went off it and saw some running tracks, I went on and started running… I was racing Cathy Freeman!

By Archie