REVIEWS of the 5/6 Production written by our 5/6 students.

REVIEWS of the 5/6 Production written by our 5/6 students.

The 5/6 students were given the task of writing a review of the 5/6 production. Here is a small selection for you to read....

I could hear the laughter spreading across the room as soon as an actor spoke. As the cast danced, the whole room started to shake. I could see the astonishment on the audience’s faces as Rich Uncle Pennybags walked on stage. Roll Again is definitely the play to beat.

If you love young talent, this play is for you. This is an amazing play with four awesome main characters, Zoe (Lily J), Cindy (Mikaela), Ned (Tyler) and Jasper (Jayden). The other characters are outstanding also. Don’t’ even get me started on Professor Plum, I loved his accent. Roll Again is the play to beat.

This dazzling performance at Surf Coast Shire featuring cow aliens going to earth, kids getting sucked into board games and absolutely crazy people. Your Moove is fun for the entire family thanks to Moriac’s 5/6’s working very hard to entertain parents and kids who came to the show! With the two shows, Roll Again and The Invasion of the Cowliens it’s guaranteed to make you laugh once or twice.

With its blinding lights and dazzling colours, this student driven production will inspire any young child to take to the stage. No video or movie could ever have the same incredible feel. Singing, dancing and laughing are only minor parts of this infectious play. The two parts of the production; Roll Again and Invasion of the Cowliens are so hilarious. ‘Your Moove’ will take your breath away.

A normal birthday with a normal present, Monopoly. Until triple sixes are rolled. Join Zoe, Ned, Jasper and Cindy on an adventure through a world of unknown. How will they get home? Who will they face? Find out in ‘Roll Again.’

Lights, camera, HOLY CORN. Wait a minute. Make room for this show. The infectiously great kids live happily on their farm, treating everything normally until the cows! With roles played by people such as Sabian, the almighty Holy Corn, and Hannah as the Instagram using cow. This show is the definition of laughter, tying together what 5/6’s represent; this will give a chuckle to young and old. The stunning budget props make you believe they were real! Things like justice reside in this play, making some believe there is a deeper meaning. The Invasion of the Cowliens is a compelling laugh and perspective on the universe as a whole. I give this a 4.8 out of 5.