5/6 PRODUCTION - tickets on sale now

On Tuesday the 20th of June, the 5/6's will be presenting our school production for the year at, for the first time ever, Surf Coast Secondary College. Also for the first time, tickets will be made available to buy online from the website - www.trybooking.com/285076 from May 30th. Tickets will not be available to buy on the night.

A permission form for this event will be sent home soon over Care Monkey, but this note is to help inform parents about what is required of the students regarding costumes. We ask that all parents work with students to provide a costume that they can wear for the performance day. These costumes can be created at home, bought cheaply from an Op Shop or, if desired, even rented from a costume hire shop.

Each Grade 5/6 student has a specific costume they need to bring. I have had many discussions with the students about what they need to wear for their specific character, but if you or they are still unsure of what they need to wear, please let me know (Sentral is the easiest way to contact me).

Also feel free to contact me at any time with questions about the school production, and I'm looking forward to seeing you all in the audience later this term.


Jared Smith

'The Arts' Teacher