We were excited to have a visit from our Architects and Builders (Lyons Constructions) Wednesday morning. After an initial delay due to our septic tank installation, we are now on track to begin the first stage of construction within weeks. With the works being imminent, now is a good time for us to reflect on our journey.

Seven years ago the school had gone through much work with, what was then known as, ‘Building Futures’. We were working with the same architect, James Deans and Associates, and were at the final stage of the process. The master plans were completed and we were waiting to get approval from the Department to go to tender. Unfortunately, at this point in our journey, it came to a halting stop. I still remember the disappointment of attending that meeting in Melbourne. The election was near, a change of government occurred, and there was no longer sufficient money for our project to go ahead. To say that we, as a school, were disappointed was an understatement.

Moving forward seven years, we are now here, to the beginning of our build. We would like to recognise and thank everyone who has worked hard to make this happen. In particular, we would like to thank our School Councils over the time and in particular, our past two School Council Presidents, Tim Watson and Jodie Frisch, for their tireless work in contacting politicians and attending meetings to get the project back up and running. We would also like to thank our current School Council President, Stuart Christie, for continuing the work. Steve Durkin, currently Acting Principal at Lara Lake, has worked tirelessly behind the scenes for nearly ten years to make the new school a priority for the Moriac community.

Finally, all the hard work by those involved is becoming a reality!

Suzanne Prendergast

Acting Principal

PLEASE NOTE: Over the next week we will release more information about the building works and how this will impact the school. Please be aware there will be no movement of classes for the first stage of the build as the first building does not affect any of our current classrooms.