Just Get Active

Moriac PS has adopted an innovative Mind & Body training program called Cognercise designed by Melbourne-based Just Get Active. We are thrilled to announce you can now access the program at home for free.

The program is a collection of digital videos designed to teach children how to correctly utilise their Minds & Bodies for improved confidence, performance & wellbeing. The sequential program covers such areas as Posture, Cardio, Strength, Flexibility and Positive, Mindfulness. Simply select the video from your member page and follow the guided tutorial.

Kids can ‘get active’ by themselves or with the whole family 24/7 during the school term and over the Christmas holidays.

Jump on line and visit www.justgetactive.com, use the complimentary access code provided by the school and register your free account today!

Home Access Code:



Step 1

Open your browser and go to www.justgetactive.com

Click Register from the menu to create your new Home Access account


Step 2

You should now see the Register an Account page

On the right select the Home option


Step 3

Fill in your account details, username, and password

Select Register Home Access to continue Home Access Code


Step 4

Once you have registered your account you will be redirected to the Home Access subscriptions

Page Select the Quarterly subscription option to use the code provided by your School


Step 5

Enter the code provided by your School in the Discount Code field and then select Register to complete your free Home Access subscription

Once completed you will be redirected to the Home Access Dashboard


For support please contact us on 1300 807 130