Deakin Digital Learning Project

This term staff members from Moriac (Teresa Higgins, Mikhala Vawdrey, Morgan Batson and Ben Raidme) have been involved in a Deakin University Digital Learning Research Project.  The project was developed to allow us to find out how our students use and interact with digital technologies in this Technological Age.

It led to us working with Deakin staff, our students and other schools to action plan how we use these findings to strengthen our teaching of digital learning at Moriac. The information gathered interestingly highlighted a high-proportion of students being ‘passive consumers’ of technology (eg viewing YouTube and gaming), where a number of students also have social media profiles (e.g. Snapchat, Instagram). It has allowed us to create an implentation plan for educating staff, students and also parents going forward; so we all are key players who are practiced in ensuring our students are responsible digital citizens. 


It has also led to us improving our school digital learning policies and classroom / Specialst instruction models moving forward to 2018. We highly recommend parents initiate digital technologies conversations with their children and have strong rules and expectations when using technology at home.   


We are actively promoting our school as a progressing and innovative learning community that is going above and beyond to ensure our students are safe and effective users of technology. The benefits to using technology in education is unparalleled, and the wheels are in motion for exciting digital times at Moriac Primary!