School Reports

Hi all,

Student reports are now available again for parents to view. Please let the school know if you have any trouble viewing these. Thanks for your patience whilst the Sentral issue was being rectified.


Furthermore to this, some of you may notice that this year’s semester 2 report does not display a ‘12 month progress’ dotted line. This is due to the Victorian Curriculum being implemented for its first year, and does not therefore show growth from previous AUSVELS reports and data. 


There have been some queries re: Vic Curriculum letter grade ratings also. Previously an ‘A’ was given to students 12 months ahead. With Vic Curriculum however, an A is 18 months ahead. A ‘C’ demonstrates the student is at standard according to their year level. We will look to review how this is presented in future reporting next year as we move away from using Sentral.


You may also notice ‘extra’ subjects. These are standards within the Victorian Curriculum eg Ethical Capabilty. These aren’t necessarily subjects we teach in isolation, rather skills and competencies students display throughout the days in the classroom and are observable. Generally speaking, these indicate standards and behaviours that our students should be at and demonstrating, appropriate to their year level and age.