Student Reports

Hi all,

Student reports will be made available to parents this Friday afternoon. You can access these via Sentral (printed copies will be given to those parents who have requested hard copy communication).

Furthermore to this, Moriac PS has made a decision to discontinue using Sentral in 2018. This decision was made after taking on board feedback from parents, staff and also students. The school will be downloading all previous student data. However, if you wish to access your child's previous school reports, please log in to Sentral and download these as a PDF document. Alternatively, if you need assistance accessing previous reports, please contact the school.

We pride ourselves on being a school where staff are highly approachable, both face-to-face and digitally; allowing us to accurately, instantly and regularly share information about our wonderful school with students, parents and the wider community.

Next year, as per our communication strategy, there will be certain media used for strengthening interaction between home and school. Staff will use an improved data and reporting system called Accelerus to publish academic and attitudes & behaviour reports.

Other media we use include:

WEBSITE - provides news and information about the school

FACEBOOK - which allows us to notify 'friends' of the page about school events instantly and effectively

SEESAW - simple way for teachers and students to record and privately and publicly share what's happening in the classroom.

CAREMONKEY - web tool for replacing paper notes and permission forms, medical information forms and medical incident reporting to families.