This Friday

We are very excited with the progress of the new school build. We have hit a critical time with the removal of the portables scheduled for THIS FRIDAY and NEXT TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY. 

On Friday, one of the portables will be moved to the other side of the school. This will be starting first thing in the morning.

- The Year 5/6's are heading to Nippers @ Pt Roadknight for the day.

- The Preps have an excursion to the Melbourne Museum.

- The 1/2's will have swimming from recess until lunchtime.

To ensure learning isn't interrupted for the 3/4's, they are going to work at the Community Center for the morning. They will be working on their Inquiry projects. The 1/2's will also be working at the Community Center until Swimming.

When arriving at school on FRIDAY, we kindly ask that all staff, students and parents remain close to the bus shelter / front office area. We will ensure staff are present and on duty within these areas. All staff and students will then move off to their day's activity.

Any questions or queries, please ask.

Thanks for your understanding