Parent Learning Walks


Dear Parents,

We are excited to announce that we will be facilitating Learning Walks throughout Term 4. Learning Walks are small-group catch ups in the Staff Room, followed by a guided visit to each of our classrooms for you to experience student learning and develop an understanding of our collaborative culture.

The aims of the Learning Walks are to increase parents’ awareness of the excellent teaching practices that are occurring within our school, while also encouraging student-teacher-parent engagement through openness and sharing of our learning community.

Please let me know via SeeSaw direct message, or the office, if you would like to attend one of the sessions (see below). (Please note these sessions may not go for this amount of time). 

Wednesday 15th November: 9 – 11am

Tuesday 28th November: 9 – 11am

Thursday 7th December: 9 – 11am