Our new building - writing by our 1/2 students

Our 1/2 students did a writing task around moving into the new building. Here are some examples of their work - 

“Oh my gosh!” I said in my head as I walked in the new building with Jackson and Spencer, “Look how big it is! I wondered what it would be like in this new building.” Everyone ran straight to the table they wanted to sit at and whoever they wanted to sit next to. I smelt the paint and it was very very strong and white. The was were a very weird shape, I wondered how the workers built the building. It would have been very hard to build this great building. – Rennon

I walked very slowly. “Ella I’m really nervous.” I said “Just wait til you get in.” said Ella W. “Ok, let’s go in.” said Miss V. We all went inside, I covered my mouth. “Wow!” I said. It smelt like lavender. I looked around it was all tidy and clean. I looked and looked for a place for me to sit and to put my bag. Luckily I found a place. I sit next to Tanner. – Bessie

As I walked into the new building I was so excited. I could see some country style beams and I loved the bag lockers. I loved that I could see everything that was going on. I love that our building is colossal with so much space! – Spencer

As I slowly walked in the style lit up my eyes and saw lots of space and blue it was shiny, new and very clear to see. I loved the country style and the bag lockers. It had big blue doors and nice carpet and cupboards and there was lots of things. I could also smell the fresh paint. – Annabelle

“Look at that!” I said. “we’ve got two TVs!” replied Boah. I could see the massive space we had. I could hear the echoes of the teachers. “We’re so lucky to be in the newest room.” I said. I could smell the sensation of the new paint and the windows were HUGE The bag lockers were so big that two people’s bags can in there and the lights were amazingly big. It’s sad we’re Grade 2’s so next year we are moving buildings. –Archie

“OMG! Look at it, it’s so big, in fact its ENORMOUS! Rennon, sit next to me?” “Ok” he said. “Do you like it Rennon?” “Yes I do, it’s just a boy table we are going to sit together for the rest of the year.” The paint right down at me is a nice grey, creamy colour. What I love is the size of the building and I thank the people that made this building. -Jackson