Moriac Primary School 2018

Dear Moriac Primary School students and families,

MORIAC UNITED: Respectful (Be Kind), Responsible (Be Safe), Exceptional (Learn Well)

We work hard at Moriac Primary School to ensure our students grow academically, socially, and emotionally as they move through our school as every single one of these aspects is important in preparing our students for whatever they dream of achieving in the future.

As teachers, we teach for one reason and one reason only – to work with parents and the community to grow the students into the future generation that will have many opportunities and knowledge to assist them in living their dreams!

During their time with us, our students will build their knowledge in the core subjects of English and Mathematics, as well learn and grow in other areas such as STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), Inquiry, Physical Education, Digital Technology, Visual and Performing Arts and more, ensuring our students are exposed to all areas of the Victorian Curriculum. Equally as important as the ‘academic’ areas of the curriculum we want to encourage the students creativity, use critical-thinking to problem-solve, collaborate with peers and communicate clearly in a variety of formats.  All of these components are essential to assist in the growth of students at Moriac Primary School.

It is important that Moriac Primary School students leave the school understanding how their words and actions affect other people and the world around them.  We are deeply committed to making sure that Moriac Primary School is a safe and supportive learning environment for each and every student.  As members of the Moriac Primary School community, we ask students, parents, and staff to always represent our school values that allow us to collaborate as a community in bringing out the best in each other.  Essential to this endeavour is the mutual respect we must demonstrate for one another.  

Our students’ success does not happen all by itself.  It is the result of a collaboration between students, families, staff, and the Moriac community. At Moriac Primary School we have high expectations for our students and are confident that we can provide them with the tools and support necessary to meet these expectations. We trust that with students, staff, and families collaborating as a team, we can ensure that all of our students’ hopes and dreams are realised. Our lines of communication are always open, whether that be via Seesaw, written communication, phone calls or meetings. Together we will make Moriac Primary School a place filled with learning, laughter, and memorable experiences!

Learning Communities for 2018

I would like to take this opportunity to announce that Mr Ben Raidme has secured the Leading Teacher role within the school for next year. This was an internal advertised role for the 2018 school year. I look forward to working with Ben as part of the leadership team next year.

At Moriac Primary School we teach in a collaborative environment. This means that the teachers in each Learning Community (for example the 1/2 learning community currently has three teachers who work with 56 students in the classroom) work together to teach these students. However, this occurs in an incredibly structured learning environment, that is a consistent model throughout the school which caters for individual needs more effectively than we ever have been able to previously. Students have the opportunity to work in small groups with teachers constantly, they are taught a concept in a variety of ways to gain real world exposure to the concept, teachers modelling collaboration for students and students are shown there is more than ‘one way’ to complete and learn things and much, much more!

The way in which we teach collaboratively is unlike any other. We have based our practice on academic research that we conducted with Deakin University and the Department of Education. Schools across Geelong and Melbourne have been visiting our school to see our ‘best practice’. We welcome all parents to come in and view our practices in person as it is difficult to explain the whole process in words.

Next year each student will be placed with a homeroom teacher. This is the teacher that parents can feel free to have as their primary contact within that particular Learning Community; ultimately, every teacher will be responsible for your child. The students will be placed in classes, although most of the time the classes work as a Learning Community, when they attend specialist subjects (Physical Education, The Arts – Visual and Performing) the students will attend in their home class.

Part of our preparation for next year includes the opportunity for parents to contact me regarding their child in 2018. Parents are welcome to contact me by November 30th  regarding students they feel their child works with best if they wish.

Staffing for 2018 will be determined via a number of considerations regarding the whole school needs. Every teacher at Moriac Primary School has the best interest of the students at heart and although not every student always bonds with every teacher in the same way, every teacher has something to offer each student.

Next year we will be holding more ‘Parent Morning Teas’ to assist the school to develop and grow as well as ‘Parent Learning Community Walks’ in order to offer as many opportunities as possible for parents to experience their child’s day to day learning experiences.

I look forward to working with the school and Moriac community moving into the exciting changes occurring with our buildings in 2018. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Thank you for your time,

Suzanne Prendergast