I would like to give a massive THANK YOU and APPRECIATION to the following – Digga Excavations & Demolitions, Ash, Amy and Tanner McPhee and Kelvin, Shaun and Lynn Boddington for their HUGE efforts this weekend.

Friday night and all day Saturday they spent their time removing the bike shed and placing storage sheds at the end of the basketball court for all of our sports equipment and other storage. They also took down the old, small shelter near the oval and it has been deemed unsafe and needing to be removed. This was an amazing effort. We appreciate the donation of equipment from Digga Excavations & Demolitions and the time from Ash, Amy, Tanner, Kelvin, Shaun and Lynn. This school community effort was amazing and greatly appreciated. Words cannot really describe the appreciation I feel.

There are going to be lots of small jobs around the school in the coming months and years and we would love to bring our community in and have a whole community ownership of our school. We will be holding working bees and celebrations to bring the community into the school. Our door is always open.


Suzanne Prendergast