As we are all aware there will be a little bit of movement happening between classrooms in the school due to our building works. The aim is to minimize the impact on student learning wherever possible.

The portables are set to be removed from our site between the 10th – 14th of November. Due to the fact they need to be prepared for moving we have been asked to vacate these portables by Friday. We have moved the 5/6 students on the last day of term 3. The year 3/4 students need to move into the current Prep classroom and the Preps are going to move into the classroom next to the office. It is unfortunate that we have not been able to do a direct transition into the new building due to the weather which has delayed the process – however we are trying to minimize movement and disruption where possible. The 3/4s and Preps will have their classrooms moved on Friday 27th October as the 3/4s are on camp and the Preps are at athletics thereby having no impact on their learning time.

The Preps and 3/4s will be using their new classrooms from Monday 30th October.

The expected completion of the new building is around the end of November. More information will follow.

Thank you for your understanding during this time.