Swimming Sports Reminder


The Moriac House Swimming Carnival for students in Grades 2-6 will be taking place on FRIDAY December 9th at Kardinia Swimming Pool, Park Crescent, Geelong.

The bus will be departing from school as soon after 9am as possible. The bus will depart from Kardinia Pool at approximately 2pm.

Parents who wish to collect their children from the pool will need to see their child's teacher and have their name marked off the roll at the pool before leaving.

Parents have been required to identify whether their child can complete the 50m distance. Students who do not have a signed permission form will not be allowed to compete in the 50m events. Those students can still complete in shorter events and compete for points for their house. Grade 2 students will also have the opportunity to participate in a series of fun pool challenges in the shallow pool throughout the morning. However, if you feel your child can swim 50m in a selected stroke they can compete.

Please ensure your child has lunch, drink (plenty) and snacks in a suitable container, as well as sun protection, appropriate swimming gear and any medical items required, e.g. Ventolin. All medical items should be labelled. Students can wear House colours on the day.