Music and Movement Festival

Our students in the Junior Choir (Years 1-2) and the Senior Glee Club (Years 3-6) today performed at the Geelong School’s Music & Movement Festival, held at Costa Hall.

Those in attendance have spoke glowingly of the performances by ALL of our Moriac students. They should be extremely proud of themselves. 

Thanks to Mr Smith for his tireless work, often during his lunch breaks, for organising these experiences and performances for our students.  




The Great Book Swap

This year our JSC are very pleased to announce that Moriac Primary School will be participating in the 2018 Great Australian Book Swap, showing great commitment to social justice and to addressing the literacy gap in remote Australia. 

The Great Book Swap is a fantastic way to celebrate reading locally and raise much needed funds. The idea is to swap a favourite book in exchange for another, for a gold coin donation. 

If your child would like to participate in the event, we ask that they bring a favourite book and fill in the book recommendation form (which will come home this week & extras will be available). We will collect books up until Friday August 31st and there will be collection points around the school. 

On Wednesday September 5th we are holding our Great Book Swap. This is the day we ask you bring a gold coin donation to school to buy a book. 

Safe Tackling @ Moriac PS (Play-times)

Please see our updated guide to Correct (and Safe) Tackling Techniques. Please be advised: 

* Prep - Year 2: From now on, must only Touch Tackle.

* Years 3-6: Can either continue to Touch Tackle or Wrap & Release (only after it is explicitly and safely taught in 3-6 Sport). 

We teach our students it is about students 'earning the right' and demonstrating that they are able to Wrap & Release safely at school.

Thanks for your continued support

Tackling at Moriac PS (1)-1.jpg

Maker's Faire - Deakin University

This year we have been working with 11 other schools and Deakin University in a project around the teaching of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) in the classroom.

We have been working on building teacher capacity around STEM and building our students knowledge. We have had professional development sessions and worked with staff from Deakin University.

In the classroom we have been dedicating time to explicitly teach STEM to the students and they have been learning and making wonderful creations!

Today eight of our year 6 students had the opportunity to go to Deakin University for the 'Maker's Faire'. At Deakin they presented to other students and had the opportunity to learn from students. By all accounts they had a wonderful time. Thanks to Mrs Fisher and Mr Smith who took the students to Deakin. 



This term we will be holding Parent / Teacher interviews on Thursday 6th September and Tuesday 11th September. The interviews will be held from 2pm - 7pm. Students will finish school at 2.30pm on these days. Buses and After School Care will run from 2.30pm. 

Bookings for Parent / Teacher Interviews will open at 8am on Thursday 16th August

Please see Seesaw for further information. 

Teacher professional development

This afternoon all of our teachers had the opportunity to listen to Martin from The Resilience Project, the same man who presented to the students. There were teachers from Moriac Primary School, Winchelsea Primary School and Deans Marsh Primary School.

This was an extremely engaging presentation. It supported the information the the students heard. Our school has had a focus on resilience and this program only strengthens our focus and our knowledge.

We can not recommend the session highly enough and encourage all of our parents to attend the parent information evening with Martin. We promise you will leave with new ideas and appreciation of gratitude, empathy, kindness and mindfulness and the importance of these in our lives and the lives of our children. 


The Resilience Project

Our SLC attended The Resilience Project session with Winchelsea Primary School and Deans Marsh Primary School this afternoon. It was a fabulous session where students learnt about gratitude, kindness / empathy and mindfulness.

We strongly encourage SLC to speak to their students about the session and all parents in the school to attend the parent session on Monday 27th August (information can be found in the Moriac Memo and Care Monkey).


Matific - the online Maths competition.



In addition to our students participating in the Word Mania Literacy Online Competition (which has been a big hit!), students will be participating in The Matific Online Maths Competition. It is a free program, with prizes on offer to individuals and schools.


Students will be competing in class, however please see below to encourage further participation at home.